New Jersey – Eats

My Mr. is from Jersey and most of his family is still there. It’s just a 4.5 – 5 hour drive to their home so we’ve made a lot of trips there during our time in Boston. We estimate over 40! We took one last road trip to Jersey just before Labor Day for a wedding and visited our favorite spots. Here’s part one!

First stop is Bagel Talk. There is something in the water. These bagels are so delicious, it makes you wonder why no one else in the country can make a decent bagel. Crisp on the edges and oh so doughy and chewy on the inside. My favorite is the whole wheat everything with light veggie cream cheese. My Mr. is an egg bagel sort of guy. There have been times when I insist that we visit Bagel Talk multiple times in a weekend. My Mr.’s family thinks I’m a little crazy. I am crazy. Crazy for bagels.


Sometimes we go extra wild and get the challah french toast too. So very fluffy. I love carbs!


Bagel Talk
8 South Main St
Marlboro, NJ 07746

Rita’s is another spot that we often visit more than once on a trip. I have my bagels, my Mr. has his gelatis. Rita’s specializes in frozen custard and Italian ice. If you get both in one cup, it’s a gelati. I think it’s weird but my Mr. loves it!



I’m all about their sundaes. Lovely, smooth custard with hot fudge and nuts. While there, we noticed a sign that said they had swapped their frozen custard for soft serve ice cream due to the egg shortage. Definitely not as good as their custard but I’ll take it. Hoping all those chickens get well soon!


Thankfully, they have lots of locations in California. And in several other states. Maybe we can try to hit one up in each state as we drive through the country!

New Jersey – Eats

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