I work with some awesome people. They pass around cat videos and talk about what Harry Potter character they are based on their Myers Briggs profile. So when one of them found out that ThinkTank was doing a Harry Potter trivia night at Common Ground, it took about 10 seconds to form a team and establish our team name. Madame Pince’s Army!!



Now, we didn’t think we’d have a shot at winning and we definitely weren’t there to win money. There are some hardcore Harry Potter fans in a city like Boston. I figured the real contenders were the people who play Quidditch on the weekends and have Harry Potter tattoos. Still, I studied a bit before trivia night using Sporcle and crammed the night before looking up spells and reading up on magical creatures. I felt like I was studying for a big exam and cursed myself for not re-reading all the books immediately after signing up. Still, we did pretty well and were in second place for most of the game. Once we realized that we actually had a chance at winning, we got super anxious and couldn’t stop laughing. In the end, we weren’t able to pull ahead and finished in second. We lost by just a couple of points. We were SO CLOSE!! I had an awesome time and it was so much fun hanging out with other Dumbledorks and my library colleagues. I have a feeling SB won’t have Harry Potter trivia so I’ll just have to visit Boston for next year’s Harry Potter trivia night.



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