biscuit love


I never knew how much I loved biscuits until Sweet Cheeks Q moved in just a block from our apartment. It was opened by some famous reality cooking show chef that I had never heard of. My Mr. likes bbq so we were excited to try this place out but it took ages to actually eat there because there was always a long, long wait. That just made us more excited! All these people, it must be amazing! We finally made it in one day and we were underwhelmed by the meat. But the biscuits…


Warm crisp outside and fluffy steamy hot inside. They serve it with whipped honey butter which has the perfect ratio of honey and butter. I could eat this everyday. Their bucket o’ biscuits comes with 4 biscuits for $10. Since it was just me and my Mr. this time, we just got one biscuit to share. I did want the bucket but I also wanted to try their hush puppies (should have just gotten the bucket). Yes, that monster above is one biscuit. It was the best part of our meal. We also had the great northern brisket sandwich, pulled chicken sandwich, mac & cheese, bbq baked beans, and hush puppies. My Mr. said that the brisket was good but it all paled in comparison to the glorious biscuit. Forget the meat, this is the star of their menu.


I wish I could add smell and taste to a blog post. I love you biscuit.

biscuit love

bloom bloom



Each spring, these trees explode with pink blossoms that carpet the ground around them. It looks like the sidewalks have been coated with pink cotton candy and sprinkles.




Lilacs are my favorite. Spring flowers are only here for a short time and they’re so beautiful. They all have so much personality and fill the neighborhood with bursts of color. I’ll miss you guys.

bloom bloom

Cherry Blossoms




The cherry blossoms have bloomed! They flowered while I was out of town so I was worried I would miss them. My Mr. and I decided to meet after work and bike along the Esplanade to enjoy the cherry blossoms before they all disappear. So pretty. I wish they would last a bit longer but I suppose that’s what makes them special. So many people out on the Esplanade. Runners, walkers, bikers… we’re all coming out of hibernation!

Cherry Blossoms