New Jersey – Point Pleasant

New Jersey, part two! I love Jenkinson’s Boardwalk at Point Pleasant beach. I grew up in the midwest so beach boardwalks are a foreign, yet delightful concept to me. All the junk food! The cheesy games! The rides that make you barf! I fell in love immediately. Point Pleasant was hit pretty hard during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The town rallied and today, it looks just like it did before. We spent the afternoon slowly walking up and down the boardwalk, nibbling on zeppoles and filling our pockets with quarters to play arcade games. It was a perfect afternoon.


Lemonade is a must on a hot and sunny day.


This stand is named just “Sugar.” I thought it was hilarious. It’s good to be honest.


Minion’s are the current hot toy at the game stalls.

Version 2


Back in the day, before I became a giant wimp, I loved this ride. It’s the one that acts like a giant centrifuge and you get plastered to the wall.



Woo cheese fries! Love you Point Pleasant!

New Jersey – Point Pleasant

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