New Jersey – Family

Photo credit goes to the ever so talented Mr. Lee!

I am a lucky, lucky girl. Not only did I marry the best guy in the world, I married into an awesome family. These past ten years, we’ve been able to spend a lot of time with my Mr.’s family. They took me in the moment they met me. No one else has ever been welcomed with such love and kindness as I was with my Mr.’s family. His middle sister and her husband live in Maryland so they’re often in New Jersey as well. We all met up in New Jersey for a family friend’s wedding at the end of August. It was the best weekend. Lots of joy, laughter (“She’s like a volcano…”), love and of course, food.


Puppies! Rocky is the sage old man in the house and Ron is the exuberant youngster. Ron just wants to play and poor Rocky just wants to be left alone! It’s hard to get a photo of the two together.


Family BBQ with way too much food as usual. Life is good.


We knew that this would be our last trip to Jersey for a long time but it didn’t quite hit me until we started to drive away. Like always, we had breakfast together, bummed around a bit and slowly loaded up our cars while Mama tried to sneak food into our bags. My Mr.’s sister and husband left first then my Mr. and I started to get ready to leave. Mama was laughing and tearing up as she said good bye to her oldest children and I laughed with her. Then I realized that this was the end of an era. We’ve made this trip so often and this would be the last time. We’ll visit again but we won’t be able to come as often. I burst into tears the minute we pulled out of the driveway. I’m going to miss the lazy days watching Law & Order, the endless Chinese buffets, celebrating birthdays, mother’s days, father’s days, falling asleep in our little corner room to the sound of summer bugs singing, the gallons of OPC, holiday parties with all the families, battling the spiders, and everyone being together. I’m going to miss being so close to them. We love you family!

New Jersey – Family

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