Another one off our East Coast bucket list! Ogunquit was one of the first New England towns we visited. It’s a great little beach town with beautiful beaches and lots of charm.

First stop, lunch!


We nearly melted in the blazing sun while waiting in line to get in. The line moves quick though because the staff is so efficient.


Chili and chowder. Why did we order hot soups in this weather? No idea.


Lobster roll for my Mr. and a hot dog for me.


Hey handsome.


Okay, here’s something super New England-y. What is up with these hot dog buns?? They’re sliced the wrong way. When I first saw them, I thought they were slices of white bread that were folded in half.


The staff here is super friendly and work fast. Prices are decent and the food is simple and homey.


After lunch, we set off for a walk along Marginal Way. I love this path. An easy walk along the coast with lots of benches for resting and taking in the view. Once you get closer to the beach, you start to see lovely houses and cottages that look like they’ve stepped out of a painting. There are also lots of resorts that make me think of flowing white dresses and chicken salad. If you’re an Anne of Green Gables fan, you’ll know what I’m talking about.




I love these rocky coasts. I picture old ships, pensive heroines, and BBC costume dramas.





It was so sunny and warm that the icy water felt amazing. The first time we came here, we wondered what was up with the ocean. SO COLD! Painfully cold. Your toes sting and then quickly you lose all feeling. But today, it felt refreshing. And it’s so, so clean. One of the clearest waters I’ve ever seen. I’ve grown to love this freezing cold ocean. East coast, best coast.


Giant soft serve ice cream is always a good idea. Even when it’s so hot out that it melts at an alarming rate and you have to snarf it down before it turns into a puddle in your hands.


The clouds rolled in and everyone scrambled to pack up their blankets and umbrellas. We saw some pretty impressive lightning while we waited for the trolley to pick us up and drive us back to our car. Perfect timing.

I’d love to come back here some day and stay at one of the fancy resorts. I may even put on a flowing white dress and eat chicken salad.


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