Boston Commons and Public Gardens


This was the first spot in Boston that I fell in love with. So much green space! In the summer it’s filled with cheerful flowers and in the fall, it’s an explosion of reds, yellows and oranges. In our first year, we would walk here nearly every weekend. We’ve found parks closer to us so we don’t come here as often anymore but I still love it.



On summer weekend afternoons, it’s always buzzing with activity. It was a gorgeous day so both tourists and locals were out enjoying the park. College kids playing Quidditch (god, I love this city), kids flying kites, dogs walking with their humans, musicians, and wedding parties taking photos.


I thought it would be fun to take a swan boat ride through the pond. It’s such a touristy, yet iconic, thing to do and we had never done it. Possibly because it looks so ridiculous. It’s a super cheap activity, just a couple of bucks per person. The ride is short but fun. You paddle by all the ducks and say hello to the real swans.



IMG_2362 (1)

It was the perfect summer day. I’m going to miss this park.



Boston Commons and Public Gardens

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