Taqueria El Amigo


Best. Tacos. Ever. Taqueria El Amigo is a hidden, taco flavored gem. The outside looks like a little house so you may miss it. In fact, the inside looks like a house too. A handful of tables are squashed into what looks like someone’s small living room and the other half of the room is the kitchen! The space is divided by a drinks cooler and the cashier counter. It’s amazing what can come out of that tiny kitchen. Also, I’m in awe that they can work so quickly and wonderfully in that small space. I would be knocking things over left and right and setting fires.



Their salsa is perfect. Fresh and vibrant, probably the best I’ve ever had. This time, it was a little heavy on the jalapeños so I was breathing fire but it was worth it.


My favorite, chicken tacos! Their chicken is so, so delicious. It’s soft, juicy and loaded with flavor. They must slow cook it because I don’t know how else it could be that tender. It just melts in your mouth. I also love their rice and beans. I’m not sure why… it’s a pretty standard side but I just find theirs very comforting.



My Mr. loves their al pastor, pork and chili, burrito but it’s not very photogenic so here’s another photo of my lovely chicken tacos. 🙂 Their prices are excellent. Each of these tacos were only $2 and their burritos are $5! If I’m really hungry, I usually get the amigo plate which is one tostada, one taco, one quesadilla and rice and beans. All for under $8! I like variety.


One other thing I should mention is that the service is just as good as the food. A lot of time, these hole in the wall kinds of places come hole in the wall service. The staff here are so sweet and work hard. One of our friends always comments on how welcome she feels whenever she comes here. You’re always greeted with a warm smile and I swear it makes the food taste even better.

I know we’re moving to California, a place where the Mexican food is rumored to be second only to Mexico but I doubt any of them can beat Taqueria El Amigo. Maybe I can convince them to open a branch in Santa Barbara…

Tacqueria El Amigo
196 Willow St
Waltham, MA 02453

Taqueria El Amigo

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