Gravy cheese fries. That is how I started my Saturday and it was amazing. Zaftigs is a Jewish deli in Coolidge Corner in Brookline.




Let me tell you about these fries. So crunchy with the perfect drizzle of gravy and melted cheese. No sogginess, no superfluous puddles of cheese here. It is just enough so that every fry gets a nice coating. Zaftigs, they really know how to fry things. Their potato pancakes are also amazing but when there’s just two of us eating, we try to pick only one fried potato side. Have to have some restraint, right?


I often get breakfast (hello challah french bread) but today I went full gravy and got the Raphel. Imagine if you will, a Thanksgiving dinner served on toasted challah bread. While the stuffing is a bit too sweet for my taste (also made with challah I believe), I got about four bites in and then was full.


My Mr. got the reuben which is so jam packed with meat I’m not sure how he can get a bite in. He loved their potato salad.


And even though I could barely breathe at this point, we got rice pudding because I can’t ever say no to rice pudding. It was so good! My Mr. doesn’t even really like rice pudding and we still polished it off. So sweet and creamy… why can’t there be more rice pudding in the world?

Zaftigs Brookline
355 Harvard St.
Brookline, MA 02446

Zaftigs Natick
1298 Worcester St.
Natick, MA 01760


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