India Quality


This is by far the best Indian food in Boston. We came here in our early years in Boston with our BU friends. We laughed at the name but quickly realized that it truly was quality.



IMG_1784 (1)

They have an extensive menu and the service is super speedy.

IMG_1786 (1)

I love, love this stuff. Crisp, light and filled with flavorful spices, these crackers greet you as soon as you sit down. I think they’re called papadum?

IMG_1787 (1)

We ordered some of our favorites. Chicken mughlai, tender pieces of chicken with mushroom in a rich and creamy sauce. Saag paneer, spinach with Indian cheese. And of course, garlic naan to help scoop up all that yummy sauce. So delicious! And it doesn’t have pools of oil that we’ve seen in other Indian restaurants. They ask what level of spice you would like and we usually get mild or medium. We once ordered hot and learned the hard way that it is not a good idea.

We’ve tried a lot of Indian restaurants in Boston and Cambridge and nothing comes close to India Quality. And as a bonus, there’s a table full of Pixy Stix and Dum Dums so that you can pick up something sweet on your way out.

India Quality
Kenmore Square
484 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

India Quality

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