Celtics Draft Party


This is pretty high on my list of “How did I end up here?” moments. Boston is a big, huge, sports city. I am not a big, huge sports person. In our 10 years in Boston, we’ve seen the Celtics, Patriots, Bruins, and Red Sox all win championships. That’s a lot of Duck Boat parades.


Neither my Mr. nor I became Boston fans during our time here. We were too strongly rooted in our hometowns. I would cheer for my Chicago teams and my Mr. would cheer for his New York teams. Quietly. And we would try to leave town if the Red Sox made it to the playoffs.

Last week, our friends P & T offered us tickets to the official Celtics draft party at the Seaport Hotel. You see, they moved to SF back before all that snow came to town but they still hold season tickets to the Celtics which comes with draft party tickets. Since they couldn’t make it to the party, they kindly offered them to us! Thanks guys! My Mr. was super excited.

It was a pretty sweet party and I definitely could appreciate how cool this event is for sports fans. Tables of tasty food, open bar, LOTS of green, and a real festive energy. My Mr. patiently explained everything to me as I asked important questions such as, “How do they get a jersey with the player’s name on it so quickly?” I had no idea what was going on.


The moment we’ve all been waiting for…


Tah dah! Terry Rozier. Who? The room didn’t seem too thrilled. At least they weren’t as mad as New York was.


I can’t remember who this was but he was important and came down to explain their draft pick.


Then their coach, Brad Stevens, (had to Google it) said a few words as well. I was really impressed that on a night as big as this, they took the time to come down to the party and address the fans. And also, what the heck, I thought he was a trainer or something! He looks so young!

Overall, a unique and interesting experience. We saw a famous player (Jo Jo White) and my Mr. got a photo with the trophy. Shiny!


As cool as this party was, to be honest, the best thing that came out of draft night was this video. I watch it at least twice a day and it makes me laugh hysterically every time. Poor New York.

Celtics Draft Party

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