Cape Elizabeth

During our first year in Boston, we ventured into Maine and explored such sites as the Desert of Maine and Lenny, the life-size moose made of pure chocolate. We also visited the Portland Head Light and had a delicious meal at a nearby lobster shack. I remember that day as being such a happy one and our first look at scenic New England. It was important to me that we see it again before leaving the east coast.


Portland Head Light. I think this is one of the prettiest spots in New England. It’s actually part of a larger park filled with large green fields perfect for picnicking and kite flying. The weather in Boston was a miserable 86 with high humidity but by the Maine shore, it was breezy and refreshing.


July 2008


May 2015

About 6 miles from the Portland Head Light, there’s The Lobster Shack at Two Lights.




The food is so good and fresh and they have tables set up right up against the rocks. You order your food at the counter inside the shack and peek into the kitchen where college kids home for the summer rapidly fry up clams and assemble lobster rolls. Then you sit outside on the rocks while you wait for your number to be called. The rocks in this area are strange… they look and feel more like enormous lumps of driftwood.



When they call your number over the speakers, you go in, pick up your tray and settle in at one of the tables that overlook the ocean. Then you dig in like wild beasts while keeping an eye out for greedy seagulls. I had a veggie burger (don’t hate… I love veggie burgers.) and my Mr. had a lobster roll boat and clam chowder. Hidden under all that whipped cream was strawberry shortcake and a piece of blueberry pie. That blueberry pie changed our lives. It shall be the standard to which we measure all future blueberry pies.


This place makes me so very happy. The combination of tasty, unpretentious, feel good food and the beautiful view and ocean breeze is so amazing. It reminds me how good life is and how blessed we are.


Cape Elizabeth

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