Anime Boston – My First Con!

Anime Boston! For nine years, I’ve missed Anime Boston. Every year, I would forget about it until I happened to walk down Boylston and see all the cosplayers. But not this year! I finally remembered to look it up and we actually made it! My first con!


I have only four photos from the day. Pathetic. They aren’t even good photos! I’m too shy to ask for photos most of the time so I’d sneak in with the other photographers like a creeper. And my camera is on the fritz so they’re blurry. SAD. The other reason was that I was just so overwhelmed. My eyeballs were completely over stimulated. My brain was so consumed with trying to take in everything that I couldn’t even think of taking photos. So many cosplayers! It’s an anime con so I figured there would be cosplayers (one of my main reasons for going) but I never expected so many. I think 95% of the attendees were in costume or at least sporting some kind of geeky accessory. We actually stood out because we weren’t in costume! One of my dreams in life is to go to a con in full costume. But I’m super self-conscious, shy and for this con, we just didn’t have time. One day!!


I was so impressed with this cosplayer’s armor. He clunked so I knew it wasn’t cardboard. I gathered up my courage and asked him what it was made out of. Resin and fiberglass. He told me it was ridiculously heavy. I believe it. I can’t believe he toted that weapon around all day! Such amazing artistry.


I must play League of Legends just so I can fully appreciate all the cosplay. Our friend plays and said that tons of people around us were dressed as champions. These guys were particularly impressive. My blurry photo doesn’t do their work justice.

I haven’t been keeping up with anime much lately but it was still fun. I enjoyed spotting familiar characters and puzzled over what the heck the crest with the wings were (it was Attack on Titan.) I marveled at all the vendors (so many technicolor wigs…) and bought a few manga from my favorite comic book store. We peeked in on the Godzilla panel (some of the original cast was there!) and watched the original, uncut Japanese version of the film. Neither of us had ever seen it before and we were very impressed. Several rooms played anime all day long which was a good way to take a break from all the walking. (Side note: I racked up nearly 19,000 steps on my FitBit the first day. Holy Moly.) We got to see a bit of Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals (our friend who’s never seen Naruto was very confused) and my Mr. got to see why I love Yakitate!! Japan so much (spastic anime about baking!) At one point, the plan was to catch a little Ranma 1/2 but when we got there, Sailor Moon was playing. The staff encouraged us to stay and I’m so glad we did. Sailor Moon was my first anime ever. I would watch it on TV before school as I ate my breakfast. I had forgotten how girly, glittery and funny it was. My Mr. was such a great sport and sat through an episode with me as I watched all starry eyed and hummed along with the intro.


How perfect are these Sailor Soldiers?? How can they all be so gorgeous and tall? I’m in awe of their well made costumes and accessories.


And of course, I had to find an assassin! There were a several Ezios (mostly women!) but this Connor just looked really great.

Anime Boston totally renewed my love for anime. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it! I’m so glad we got to experience this con. It has a very carefree, open hearted feel to it. There’s almost an innocence to it that I found incredibly charming. It truly welcomes all forms of geekiness with fully open arms. No judgment, just a safe, accepting, happy space to be yourself. That’s what cons should be right? Light hearted and filled with passionate people who want to be surrounded by people who love anime as much as they do.

Anime Boston – My First Con!

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