The Plan

Me and my Mr. nine years ago on our first trip to Boston.


My Mr. and I moved to Boston right after we graduated from the University of Illinois. We were 21 and my Mr. (at the time he was still my boyfriend) was headed to Boston to pursue his Masters degree at the University of Boston. I already knew that he was my lobster, my other half, the love of my life so I decided to follow him to the East Coast. I was born and raised in the Midwest. 21 years in the same home, same little suburban town. I was so terrified of telling my parents that I put it off until about two weeks before my Mr. was coming to pick me up to move me to Boston. They handled it pretty well. So off we go to Boston. All I owned fit into a little rental car and we squished ourselves into a studio apartment behind Fenway Park. It was only supposed to be for two years max. Nine years later, we’re still in Fenway but thankfully in a bigger apartment. We love our neighborhood, our jobs, the lifestyle, all the lovely places to go for a stroll, all the places to explore, the diversity, the culture, the rich history, the Thai food, the top notch healthcare. But we’re ready for our next adventure so we’ve decided to move to California by the end of this year. The plan has been made. So here we are, our last year in Boston. Join us as I document all of our favorite places, foods, and activities and we say farewell to this amazing city.


The Plan

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